Services Offered

Propcor historically specialises in selling of farms. This professional service is still available.

We handle the sales of farms but also act as agent between the landlord and the Government as land has first to be offered to the Government in terms of the Land Reform Act.

On your instruction we offer the farm to the Government and we accompany their officials on all visits to the farm

We liaise and negotiate the best possible price should they wish to exercise their right to purchase the land

We will sell your farm if a certificate of waiver is obtained

Our newly established residential division will sell or lease your property on your behalf.

Our agents are energetic and professional and will provide top quality service.

Propcor also has an established commercial division which primarily focuses on:

  • sales of commercial, industrial, retail and general investment properties;
  • representing tenants in lease negotiations and the sourcing of suitable and credible ten
  • ants for landlords;conducting a fully integrated property management function which include amongst others:
    • analysis and advice to ensure the best rental and return on investment,
    • continuous liaison with tenants and canvassing for new ones,
    • value-added services i.e. security, cleaning, maintenance and payment of expenses, and
    • regular reporting on income and expenditure;
  • sectional title administration which include all the normal administrative and secretarial duties.

Propcor has an auctioneering division and property auctions are conducted by our in house qualified auctioneer, Pieter Kotzé. We will also assist farm sellers with auctions on movables and livestock.

Propcor does charity auctions free of charge.