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Welcome to Propcor-Namibia

Propcor was established in 1996 by Pieter Kotzé who started his career as an Estate Agent in 1987, concentrating mainly on the sale of farms, lodges and other agricultural properties. It speaks for itself that being for so many years involved in this specific market, there is a wealth of experience to be shared with his clients.

Over years Propcor built a reputation of being one of the most reliable Real Estate Agencies in Namibia and became a well-known name in the property market and fraternity.

Propcor has the interest of its clients at heart and strive to deliver the best service possible.

Propcor can offer a number of services in selling of real estate, but that is not all, we do valuations and auctions of property. As sworn appraiser Pieter Kotzé specializes in the valuation of farms and lodges.

Propcor also conducts several charity auctions every year

Your one-stop for farms and property in Namibia